1. User is exposed with a message “Please login” and a login hyperlink instead of hidden content
  2. After user logs in he is exposed with a content or a new message “Please pay” and a PayPal button
  3. After user pays and returns back to the blog he is exposed with a content

8 thoughts on “Workflow/Scenarios

  1. Gabriel

    could it be, that once administrated the blog from any mac or pc, the log in screen is just loged in for registrated users. The issue is, that I can`t see a “register now” button on the word press screen. Or does the plugin just don`t work correctly by me (if you could take a look at the post “iPad…”)

  2. Aurimas Post author

    I’ve checked your post “Apples iPad – Entwicklung, Konzept, Folgen”. It contains some hidden content and it asks to log in as it should.

    I guess you are logged in with your account what is why it is not asking you to log in. After user is logged in it will show the content or will ask to pay if price is set.

  3. Gabriel

    I checked this issue once again in an neutral internet cafe, and it shows also just the log in field, without any possibility to register. If any user should want to read the hidden content, he must first register, but he can`t, if there is only a button for “log in” or “forgot your password”.
    I implemented the plug in just how it is described and so you can see there is hidden content. But anything doesn`t work, as it should.

  4. Aurimas Post author

    Yes the link says “Log in”, but if you press it and you are not a member yet you can press register on a login screen. Most of the internet users are used to the simmilar functionality.

  5. Gabriel

    I now found out that the registration button is only be showing when you enable “anyone can register” in the general settings of WordPress. This, I think, isn`t enabled by default.

    Meanwhile I found an other issue. Even when I register under any of my email-addresses, I don`t receive a registration confirmation by mail. Which settings are needed there? EMail settings are certainly all right.

  6. Aurimas Post author

    Gabriel> The question about the registration confirmation mail is not for me but for wordpress standart functionality documentation 🙂 I guess there is a setting definitelly.

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