77 thoughts on “Version 1.6.0 appeared to be messed up.

  1. Nicole

    The only items logged there are my test data from the sandbox, not from going through the site. The IPN doesn’t seem to be in contact with the plugin.

  2. Nicole

    Its working now after I enabled sending messages – you might want to add that to your instructions. I’ll make a donation as soon as I do some more testing. Thanks!

  3. Horacio

    The conflict between Are PayPal Version 1.6.1 on WordPress 2.9-rare with Post Country Plug-in was solved by commenting out this function on the latter:

    // Refresh re-write rules to cater for pretty permalinks.
    function country_flush_rewrite_rules()
    // global $wp_rewrite;
    // $wp_rewrite->flush_rules();

    Now I am testing Are Paypal: looks promising

    (The Are_Paypal configuration page does NOT update on IE 8, but does on FF)

  4. Nicole

    Hi, I set my site up to have a blog price, with an expiration of 1 day. Paypal continues to charge everyday for the subscription, but the user doesn’t have access to the content after the first day. Any idea what I did wrong?

  5. EJ

    Thanks again. One final question – if I put the psuedo tags on the parent page, do I have to also place it on the sub pages or will it restrict access to subpages for paid subscribers?

  6. Aurimas Post author

    content is identified by post or page id. pseudo tags reside in different posts or pages user will have to pay for both. If you have several hidden places in some post or page user will have to pay only once to be able to read all the hidden places in one post or page.

    In order to grant user acces to pages or posts after he purchases some particular post – use bonus posts functionality.

  7. cvasi


    I’m trying to install your plugin, but…

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\are-paypal\are-paypal.php on line 1005”

    What’s happend?

  8. Aurimas Post author

    Try to disable all other plugins and try again.

    Provide exact wordpress version number and as much information as you can …

  9. Spitt

    This may or may not help… for phpbb2.x, I used a paypal subscription modification, from here – http://bbs.loewen.com.sg/viewforum.php?f=32

    The nice thing about it, was the author had an IPN log within it, and also had it setup for moneybookers – tho I rarely had subscriptions via moneybookers. Perhaps the code might help you in some way, the authors abandoned the project about a year ago.

  10. Spitt

    @Nicole – I was thinking about the error you were having, and remember a solution for my old site. Make sure that the PayPal email you use is the primary PayPal email.

    Additionally, make sure that if your site is prone to downtimes, that you find a different host. I do not know if the plugin calls PayPal’s site when checking to see if someone paid or not, or if instead PayPal simply tells the site that there was an update. If it is the latter, and the site is unavailable, then the subscription would not show. I had a plague of lost subscriptions due to downtimes when using the above mod for phpbb.

    It would be nice to see an update, where we can manually enter the transaction ID, the payment amount, and when the subscription expires.

    I will test out this plugin, and if I receive subscriptions, I will be sure to share.

  11. Salvatore

    during the test with PayPal Sendbox, after the purchase of the subscription, the selected hidden text still remain hidden. Is it due to test modality?
    Second question.
    Is it possible change recurryng payment metod with a normal payment? I really need it because it is less intrusive…


  12. Aurimas Post author

    Everything should work with sandbox. Somewhere is something wrong with settings. Check if IPN is set correctly in your sandbox payment receiver account. Check if ipn answer is logged in paypal data under are-paypal settings in admin of your blog.

    If period is not set in price config it will be buy now button. Check it out.

  13. Salvatore

    my question was if it is possible to sell a subscription with an expiration period but without recurryng payment method. I think that any recurryng payment can discourage the inexperienced buyers…
    So, when the subscription time expires, the hidden text return with subscribe button. It would be more unobtrusive in my opinion.
    Please, can you help me to do this payment configuration?

    Thanks anyway for this great plugin!

  14. Aurimas Post author

    I think its possible to achieve but at the moment I do not have time. There must be an new option developed to control this. If that option says yes in any case instead of subscribe button buy now should be generated.

  15. Aurimas Post author

    OK. Try the following. Change subscribe button template to be the same as boy now button template. And in that case buy now button will be generated all the time. Since plugin will expire the content after period will elapse. This is not proven by me and not tested this is just an idea. try it and you will see. Ihope this will help you. Sorry for inacurate information, but I’ve developed this plugin a while ago and do not remember all the small things.

  16. Salvatore

    OK, I have changed subscribe button template to be the same as buy now button template and it seems work.
    I am waiting expiration time of 1 day for a complete test…
    Now, another small problem that happens also in “subscribe” mode.
    After purchasing operation, the buyer is sent back to merchant site but his purchased product is still hidden. It is necessary to refresh the page to show the purchased text.
    Is it possible to add a line code for auto refresh?

    Thanks for your great patience!

  17. Aurimas Post author

    I have no idea how to do that refresh, but for sure it is possible ­čÖé

    The thing is that paypal is responsible to ping your blog ipn handler in order to mark content as purchased. If this communication is slow user has to refresh one or more times. In order to have auto refresh/check I thik ajax retrieval of hidden content is the best way to go.

  18. Salvatore

    after to have changed subscribe button template to be the same as buy now button template, plugin NOT expire the content after period elapsed…
    I will do other tests.
    Do you have different suggestions?

  19. Spitt

    You know, you could simply provide instructions on how to cancel the subscription, right on your site. Or make it on the return page, from PayPal.

    Here’s one of my about pages, regarding content, cancellations, and how to remove a PayPal subscription. Perhaps it will help give you some ideas. – http://rpg-exploiters.com/about/paid-post-content-subscriptions/

    It is possible for the plugin to not have recurring payments, after X amount of recurring payments, but it would have to be programmed into the plugin itself.

  20. Salvatore

    Hi Spitt,
    I have tested that any form of recurryng payment discourages the inexperienced buyers. Yes, I could provide instructions on how to cancel the subscription from PayPal account but it can be only a problem for me and for buyers. Indeed Are PayPal plugin, with a simple BuyNow button, could work without further problematic future interaction with PayPal.
    When the selected period elapse then the plugin simply hides again the content and shows the BuyNow button.
    Aurimas gave me the right start way… I only must resolve how to hide again the content after my selected period. Maybe it is sufficient to change some code lines of Are PayPal…
    Thanks anyway for your suggestions, it can work at the moment.

  21. Salvatore

    I’m still trying to solve my problem… In the meantime, can you do that customized Are PayPal for me? Naturally, tell me before the price for this work. Eventually, I only need the changed code lines.
    Excuse me for my request but your plugin is unequalled. It is very simple and practical for my project, it only needs of that change.

    Thanks anyway,

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