• Edit the posts – you want to contain hidden content. Surround the content you want to be hidden for unregistered users with [Are_PayPal_LoginPlease][/Are_PayPal_LoginPlease] pseudo tags.
  • To tax previously hidden content edit post prices and user privileges under Are PayPal administration section

6 thoughts on “Usage

  1. Eric

    Hi! How do I use the ARE PAY PAL Plugin? I have installed it onto my WordPress blog program. It says it’s activated. BUt how do I use it? Is there a manual or dicumentation somewhere I coujld download?

  2. Aurimas Post author

    There is no documentation. Just use information on this blog to find out how to use the plugin. I think all the questions are asked and answered allready :):):)

    Besides you could make a documentation that would be very welcome as a contribution to tis open source project. ­čÖé

  3. Craig

    Thanks very much for your work on this free plugin. It’s much appreciated. I have a specific need and I haven’t been able to figure out if this plugin will do it or not. I don’t know if you offer this kind of support, but I’ll post and see how it goes….

    I have an five week program that I am going to sell on my site. It will comprise five or so pages, with audio and text. But here’s where I’m not sure: Users will purchase the program from a product page, which describes the program. On that page there will be a paypal button, and when they make the payment through paypal, they will then have access to the five pages of the program.

    I installed arepaypal and as far as I can see it won’t do this. Can you correct me if I’m wrong?

  4. Aurimas Post author

    this plugin can hide content in a page or post. It can be used to package posts or pages into packages using bonus post functionality. In this case you can hide content on those five posts or pages and you can put those pages as bonus posts to each other and it should be like 95% of what you need.

  5. Quentin

    Does this plugin have the ability to use the blog TITLE when at the paypal payment page?


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