some clarification on content purchase expiration and recurent paypal payment functionality

From time to time I receive messages like this:

We installed your plugein 3 months ago with theese settings:
price 10
Expire 3
Expiration units month

Our purposewas that who pay a media could watch it for 3 mounth.

The problem is that out first client recived, in theese days, another automatic payment for the media he saw 3 months ago.

How can we solve this issue?

Are paypal plugin uses reccurent payment functionality of paypal. It means useer can be charged everytime period elapses.

Currently there is no nice way to have no automatic billing only a workaround.

Check your are paypal main settings page in your blog.
locate textareas – Recurent Payment Button Template and Instant Payment Button Template
Copy content of Instant Payment Button template to Recurent Payment Button Template and adjust it to your needs.
The main idea of this workaround is that paypal button must not send any information about expiration to paypal. Expiration and reblockage of the content will be done by the plugin after expiration limit is reached.

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