Other wordpress shortcodes in combination with are-paypal

Received an email with the following text.

Found a bug on your plugin. Has to do with the more tag.  If you place the more tag, between the Are_PayPal tags, then the content before the Are_PayPal tag will not be hidden on the front page.  Perhaps, you can make the Are_PayPal tag integrate partially with the more tag, in that if there is a Are_PayPal tag, it can automatically close this tag? before the More?  But then if looking at the whole post, to leave it open?

In my opinion this is not a bug but a mistake of the blog editor. The best practice working with shortcodes to avoid intersections and/or nested shorttags. In this case please avoid any shorttags inside arepaypal and please dont put any shorttags around it.

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  2. debba

    It’s me again.
    I upgraded are paypall and, one more time , it is not compatible con wordTube plugein. EVERY content is now visible again.
    I tried to downgrade this two pluge in but issue remains, please fix it….

  3. Aurimas Post author

    Can you see arepaypal tags in post properly. Can you navigate to arepaypal settings. You must make one folder writable after upgrade of the plugin.

  4. debba

    cache must be whriteble and I must change permission every time I upgrade your plugein.

    Another question for you.
    We installed your plugein 3 months ago with theese settings:
    price 10
    Expire 3
    Expiration units month

    Our purposewas that who pay a media could watch it for 3 mounth.

    The problem is that out first client recived, in theese days, another automatic payment for the media he saw 3 months ago.

    How can we solve this issue?

  5. Aurimas Post author

    are paypal plugin uses reccurent payment functionality of paypal. It means useer can be charged everytime period elapses.

    Currently there is no nice way to have no automatic billing only a workaround.

    Check your are paypal main settings page in your blog.
    locate textareas – Recurent Payment Button Template and Instant Payment Button Template
    Copy content of Instant Payment Button template to Recurent Payment Button Template and adjust it to your needs.
    The main idea of this workaround is that paypal button must not send any information about expiration to paypal. Expiration and reblockage of the content will be done by the plugin after expiration limit is reached.

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