• Post/Page can be set to contain hidden content.
  • Instead of the hidden text user is shown a message about the action he has to take to be able to see the content.
  • Content can be set as hidden for unregistered users and visible for registered
  • Content can be set as hidden for unregistered-unpaied users and visible for registered-paid users
  • Payed content can have expiration date. So the user must pay again after expiration date is reached. PayPal subscription/recurrent payment framework is used for this.
  • Gogglebot can index hidden content so users can search for a hidden content but can not see it. Other search engines will see only visible content
  • Administrator can grant users to access paied content
  • It is possible to create packages to assign so called bonus posts to a post so that user who purchases one gets bonus posts as add on.
  • It is possible to set blog price so that user who pays gets access to all paid posts.
  • All the features are configurable using administration screens
  • Plugin uses PayPal IPN – Instant Payment Notification protocol so payment/content delivery process is fully automated.

8 thoughts on “Features

  1. Aurimas Post author

    It is impossible to use this plugin to secure pdf content. This plugin can only be used to secure wordpress bog posts and pages. You could have secret pdf download urls and you could use this plugin to hide those urls from unpaid users. But in this case paid user will be able to download the pdf and to redistribute it

  2. Enrique

    Glad I found this plug in. We are setting a site to sell post by post content, and we test your plug in.

    After installing it, I found several things that will be great if they were implemented.

    1.- The tag for hidden content is to long and difficult to memorise. Could be possible for the Administrator to change it to a custom tag, from the settings plugin. Implementing a field to enter the tag we would like to hide the content.

    2.- It would be great if a button can be added to the visual editor for setting the tag in the post, or formatting the hidden post. We write the post, select the paragraphs to hide and then press a button in the editor or use the format list (as it is implemented in the visual_code plug in).

  3. Aurimas Post author

    I am thinking about these improvements for a while. Those are a very good features to implement I’ll put them on a list of things to do.

  4. Bob Murphy

    when you say that googlebot can index hidden content, what do you mean exactly – if it can be indexed then is it not visible in google’s cached pages ?

  5. Aurimas Post author

    If plugin is activated it ads metatag into header and tells the google to index the content but prevents it from caching. You can check sites header and metatags to understand how it works.
    Plugin is also able to detect googlebot and if googlebot comes to the site content is exposed to it as if it was user who purchased the content. As google is not allowed to cache the sites contetn it will never show the content under cached version ­čÖé So you blog can still be indexed by google your users can find it by keywords residing in a hidden area and they still has to pay for it …

  6. JD


    I have set up a blog with some education videos which I would like hide behind a pay / registration button.

    If you go to the blog, it looks like:



    I followed the instructions for ARE PAYPAL and set the post HTML to:

    [flashvideo file=video/TOEFL20.flv /]

    But it still shows the video. There is no “login please” screen.

    I don’t think I’m doing this correctly.

    Can someone please advise?

    Thanks in advance,

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