Where to set IPN “On”?

There is alink in your are-paypal administration section (are-paypal->How to use).
This link looks like this: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_profile-ipn-notify.
The same configuration section of paypal you can find by navigating to My Account->Profile->Instant Payment Notification Preferences.

What is a “Blog Price”?

The “Blog Price” is a feature of the are-paypal plugin. By using “Blog Price” form blog owner can set a price for a whole blog. It will alow visitors to pay one price for all the hidden content in all the pages and posts.

What is a “Page or Post to show users purchesed posts”?

This setting is used to set a page which show a list of pages and posts purchased by the logged in user. The other way to expose this list is to use tag [Are-PayPal Users Purchased Posts/] on any page or post.

What is the “Bonus Post”?

Paid posts can have attached other paid posts – so called “Bonus Posts”. As soon as user pays for a paid post its bonus posts are maid available as well. This feature is used to make packages.

After user presses “Pay Now” button PayPal shows a message “The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.”?

The reason for this is a messed up data in buttons html code. It is known that some wordpress plugins who are protecting emails can mess up paypals email which is one of the parameters behind the button. The same error happens if currency code used is not valid or expiration period is out of range. I guess it will fail if any other parameter in the code of the button is invalid as well.

How to set the “Subscribe” button?

In order to set the “Subscribe” button you have to set expiration period in the post/blog price form.

How to set the “Pay Now” button?

In order to set the “Pay Now” button you have to leave expiration period in the post/blog price form empty.

Some clarification on content purchase expiration and recurent paypal payment functionality

From time to time I receive messages like this:

We installed your plugein 3 months ago with theese settings:
price 10
Expire 3
Expiration units month

Our purposewas that who pay a media could watch it for 3 mounth.

The problem is that out first client recived, in theese days, another automatic payment for the media he saw 3 months ago.

How can we solve this issue?

Are paypal plugin uses reccurent payment functionality of paypal. It means useer can be charged everytime period elapses.

Currently there is no nice way to have no automatic billing only a workaround.

Check your are paypal main settings page in your blog.
locate textareas – Recurent Payment Button Template and Instant Payment Button Template
Copy content of Instant Payment Button template to Recurent Payment Button Template and adjust it to your needs.
The main idea of this workaround is that paypal button must not send any information about expiration to paypal. Expiration and reblockage of the content will be done by the plugin after expiration limit is reached.

21 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Aurimas Post author

    Use default templates of the buttons. Set expiration period empty for “pay now” and set expiration period > 0 for “subscribe”.

  2. Bruno


    I can’t run the short codes in my template pages (single.php for instance) using the php do_shortcode funtion.

    I am trying to do this for example:

    hidden text if not logged in

    ==> Do you know what’s wrong ?

  3. fileman

    What is number in ‘Edit blog price’? Is it how much posts can be seen if donated?
    Subscription means that if i set: expires in 1 day, that userss payments will reoccour automatically every 1 day or is it valid just for one payment? No reoccouring subscription?
    Thanks, FM

  4. jesy

    I got the following error page when clicked the ‘log in’ link;

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-login.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  5. Aurimas Post author

    Number and Name in post or blog price form is just for reference and plays no big role. Those and can be used in “subscribe” or “pay now” button templates and can be mapped to corresponding paypals payment http post fileds.

    Subscription means that if it is set to expire in 1 day. users payment will reoccour every 1 day. There is a workaround to stop auto reoccurrence by using “pay now” buttons template for subscribtion button.

  6. Aurimas Post author

    edButtons is defined in some native wordpress javascript libraries. I guess your wordpress is very old version or something wrong with wordpress installation or maybe wordpress theme or other plugins are messing edButtons declaration.

  7. Karl


    I want to set some content as login only but not make this content chargeable. I then want to set other pages with chargeable content. How do I do this?

    I tried to set up post by post options and left the free one blank but they still hide the content when logged in and force the user to go through the process of going to paypal with a ‘0’ balance before they come back to the site and can see the content. How do I get round this?

    Loving the APP by the way, its the only one I have found so far with varying options

  8. Aurimas Post author

    Content will be hidden if you will have no price for it – no 0, but compleately empty – try to clear it using clear button next to post price. this is my bug I should check if its 0 or empty before sending it to paypal. I will put this to be fixed for next version.

  9. Karl

    Thank you, that has fixed the problem.

    Someone paid for content yesterday and in the paypal details it shows the user payment details 13 times???? it was only one single payment, I have checked paypal, is this normal to see it multiple times?

    It would be good to be able to run a report in CSV or TXT format on all payments in order to reconcile against paypal?



  10. Aurimas Post author

    paypal sends ipn posts to the blog and everything what comes from paypal gets registered in there.
    Yes csv or txt export of the data could be a good thing.

  11. Karl

    Under post price you get an overview page, if i want to edit script so it does not show users subscribed what do i remove? Due to it showing the names so many multiple times it is very difficult to see where the next post starts. I can still view purchasers by clicking the button to view purchasers? I appreciate Im asking a lot of Q’s at moment, Maybe i can have direct email contact? Also once it is set up properly i will donate towards software as it is definitely the backbone of an excellent subscription/payment system

  12. Tobi


    Tanks for the great plugin.

    But i need your help:

    I installed the plugin and everythink works fine.
    I use the pay-to-register-feature. I get an IPN-message that a new user was created and everything works. But the buyer gets no email with the login datas.

    What is my mistake??

    Please help me and many greetings from Germany.

  13. Aurimas Post author

    arepaypal takes buyers email directly from the IPN message. Check the IPN message for the email. Check the user details in your wordpress to make sure users email is properly set etc. And make sure your wp is configured to email newly registered users by email with their password…

  14. span


    Thanks for this great plugin, I like it. My question is:
    I’ve made a blog which uses recurring payment, the paid users are charged every month. But what happens if for example after two months a user cancels the subscription or don’t have enough money on his paypal account? So after a month he won’t be allowed to see the content until he pays again, right?


  15. Aurimas Post author

    Yes. If the payment is cancelled by the user or expires or account is empty paypal sends special IPN message and arepaypal plugin reacts on it and blocks the content.

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