80 thoughts on “Are-PayPal Version v1.5.0 was released

  1. patrick

    Hello, i have the last upgrade before this. my question is if i want to update to this version what have i to do. Do I lost the past information?


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  3. CS

    i think this plugin may work for something i would like to do on my website. i am working on a photoshop tutorial that is taking me a long time to put together. i’d like to charge people a small fee to see the tutorial.

    my question is, do i have to let users register for user accounts on my wordpress installation before they will be able to pay and see the post? i currently don’t use the user registration component of my website for comments or anything.


  4. Aurimas Post author

    CS> Yes you have to let users to register on your blog. This is neaded as it is the only way to distinguish payed and unpayed site viewers. As I remember you have setting “Allow users to register” or something on your wordpress administration panel.

  5. azeoeko

    Hi there, your script is amazing but i have one issue:

    I was using easy paypal and I did not really like, so i changed over to are paypal but i have over 200 paid members. How can i add them to Are Paypal database so that they have there access to my site that are already paid members.

    Please help.


  6. Aurimas Post author

    If you have users paying for the whole blog you can enter “Blog price” and all the payed content pieces will contain paypal button to pay for every piece of hidden content.
    How to migrate users?

    check table “wp_Are_PayPal_users” user_id must be wordpress user if post_id is a wordpress post id for the whole blog post_id must be “-1”.

    As you asked I’ve found that there are no user administration for users who purchased complete blog. I’ll add this to my task list.
    Thank you.

  7. azeoeko

    Thank you so much ! This is what I did but its not allowing my old paypal subscribers to see my [are-paypal_login] hidden links:

    This what I did:

    INSERT INTO `wp_are_paypal_users` (`id`, `post_id`, `user_id`, `expire`, `purchase_date`) VALUES
    (1, -1, 1, 30, ‘2008-12-13 13:22:26’),
    (44, -1, 1, 30, ‘2008-10-05 01:39:04’),
    (235, -1, 1, 30, ‘2008-11-25 21:15:04’),
    (266, -1, 160, 30, ‘2008-12-14 13:59:21’);

    This is just some of my paid members. Is there anything else I need to do ?

    It would be great if you can add one more task within the admin panel under are paypal and that is to add an option to be able to add members manually.



  8. Aurimas Post author

    INSERT INTO `wp_are_paypal_users` (`id`, `post_id`, `user_id`, `expire`, `purchase_date`) VALUES
    (NULL, -1, , 30, ‘2008-12-13 13:22:26’);

    id is autoincrement – just for internal reference it means nothing
    post_id is a link to post from posts table for whole blog – use -1
    user_id is a link to user from users table
    expire – interval in days
    purchase_date – time of purchase

    I hope this helps. In your script user_id is set to 1 almost for every record it is something wrong.

  9. azeoeko

    Thank you so much with your help i was able to upload to my sql the correct data. This is how I did it:

    INSERT INTO `wp_are_paypal_users` (`id`, `post_id`, `user_id`, `expire`, `purchase_date`) VALUES

    (397,-1,280,30,’2008-12-13 10:13:58′),
    (397,-1,482,30,’2008-12-09 10:13:58′);

    Thanks again ! Great work on this plugin. Hopefully we can add an option to be able to add paid paypal members manually through your are paypal plugin from the admin.


  10. Aurimas Post author

    It is possible to add paid paypal members for individual posts not for the whole bloh yet. I am going to implement this. One more thing I am looking forward is a possibility to regulate subscription times for paid users, this is also not possible for now. But anyway this plugin is quite good now, having in mind even Microsofts strategy to have only 80% of the user needs in their products.

  11. azeoeko

    Hi there , just a question on your plugin. Let’s say I added all my members that paid with easy paypal plugin. This plugin did not have auto subscription. Now I add all my users through paypal_users through my sql and use tomorrows date, will this automatically charge them for the next 30 if I add them like this below ? please help.

    INSERT INTO `wp_are_paypal_users` (`id`, `post_id`, `user_id`, `expire`, `purchase_date`) VALUES
    (874, -1, 2452, 30, ‘2008-12-16 12:00:00’);

    Please let me know, so I can plug & play.


  12. Jason Strick

    Hi I’ve received hundreds of emails for one transaction over multiple days. Is this normal? How do I stop it? Is it caught in a loop?

    The subject of the emails look like:
    IPN Duplicate txt
    IPN subscr_payment
    IPN web_accept

    Please help! I love the plugin otherwise..

  13. Aurimas Post author


    These emails are for debug and for the future inspection. everytime paypal sends something to the ipn handler email is produced with everything what is posted by paypal. This is good for future investigation in case you have some user who claims he or she payed but cant see the content etc. i am sure something goes wrongg as you are receiving duplicate txn email. It can be that this must be investigated further. If you want you can forward me these emails togather with a copy of all your are_paypal mysql tables content I could take a look. It can be that there is a bug. I am thinking about adding administration control/feature to suppress these emails.

  14. azeoeko

    “I am thinking about adding administration control/feature to suppress these emails.”

    That would be awesome !

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  16. Filip

    Just installed the plug-in, everything works, except 1 thing: “Update options” on the configuration page. Known bug, or what’s the problem? All other pages’ buttons work; this page doesn’t.

    Also, for IPN, my Paypal has several accounts attached to it, with various actions. So can I use the “notify url” option Paypal talk about? If so, can I just “do it”, or do I need to wait until a newer version of ArePaypal comes out, i.e. you having to do something for that to work?

  17. Aurimas Post author


    I dont know what is wrong with the main configuration page and the button “Update options”. Please provide more details.

    The only possible way for IPN is url configured in paypal account.

    I think it is a good idea to implement notification url parameter for every button I’ll check this possibility and I’ll try to implement this.

  18. Aurimas Post author

    slothdog> check blogroll links It is not very visible but It is there 🙂

    I will place it somewhere else to make it more visible:)

  19. slothdog

    I found it. Thanks.

    I have a question, I set up 2 post with different prices, if you pay for one, you can see both for some reason, how do I set it up to have to pay for each post individually?

  20. Aurimas Post author

    I did a test – plugin works fine. I think some mistake is in your configuration.
    Make sure you do not have one of your posts as bonus post for the other.
    Make sure you do not have blog price specified and you do not have blog purchased by your test user.

  21. Jon

    (Cross-posted on the WP support forum at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/163060?replies=7)

    I want to use this with WordPress MU (WPMU) as well. No luck so far.

    In the Post Prices panel, I see “No Posts Found” but the blog on which I’ve activated the Are_PayPal does have posts.

    At the bottom of the Are_PayPal panel, the URLTEXT link target is http:///wpmu//wp-admin/URL. That is not a valid URL.

    Where are the instructions for using the templates?

    My guess is this plugin is not compatible with WPMU but I don’t have the technical expertise to isolate the incompatibility.

  22. tiki

    is there a way to use this outside of the post content or the loop? I’d like to enable rating of posts only for paying members, and would like content in the sidebar only to be visible to paying members.


  23. azeoeko

    Hi there, i love the plugin but there is one big problem. Anything that i have in between the

    Thanks For Choosing ……………..
    Please download the files below.
    http://rapidshare or http://mediafire

    Anybody can do a google search on google with:

    Top Searches

    site:……………..com (rapidshare|mediafire),

    Any they can see my rapidshare and mediafire links all over my wordpress in the search engine..

    What can i do about this ?

    This is a real issue.

    Please help.