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  1. Aurimas Post author

    The only time you will receive ‘subscr_eot’ is when the customer is unable to pay for the subscription or the subscription has ended.

  2. phibi

    i am usin wp 2.7.1 and tried are paypal. worked fine at the beginning, but now i am not able to update the changes or to go restaure template defaults.

    This happened while i modified the buttons and after reinstallation, cleaning up the msql database, it does not change a thing.

    Please help.


    It works with PayPal sandbox but with paypal i get following error

    The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.

    I have checked that paypal email is correct;
    Can you guide ?

  4. Aurimas Post author

    Check HTML code of the paypal button. grab the action url and try to browse it. It can be some trash is attached to this url by accident.


    Thanks for fast reply.

    I have not changed anything in code, just entered my email address.

    Code works fine in sandbox.

    Am I supposed to do some setting in my paypal account?

  6. Aurimas Post author

    paypal email is on the same html form as button templates and it can be that some CRLF or something else is affecting the url of the button…


    where file is located?
    I tried to locate the file but did not find.

    I un-installed the Are-PAypal, delete tables from database and re-installed. It displayed same customised setting on Are_Paypal configuration page…


    To revert back to original “Button Text” I copied button text from are-paypal.php and pasted in admin section.

    I am still facing same problem;
    When using send box, first I gave email id which was used to create sand box so it displayed transaction screen but transaction was not allowed and it said same message as “The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again. ”

    When I used Saller account I have created in my sandbox it again gave same error as above.

    I have simply copied button text from are-paypal.php; which should be correct (I have downloaded right now)

    Please help in Paypal set up. Once this first step is over we will think of customization.

  9. Aurimas Post author

    Great… Your problem is related to the fact that you are going to charge for 365 days. And paypal does not like this for some reason… I was avoiding to implement more advanced control for setting a period and now it looks that paypal has some limit of days for recurrent payments. So this is a task for the future – add a choice between days weeks months or year:)


    I only want instant payment and not recurring payment

    365 days is only for validity not for recurring payment.

    We require 365 days or 1 Year for validity payment will be “Buy Now” and not “Subscribe”

    Can you suggest change in code..

  11. Aurimas Post author

    leave period field empty and you will have instant payment. User will be able to read purchased article what ever he desires.


    I want fix period of access for user.
    But I dot not want recurring payment, after expiry of period user can buy again
    Please advice:
    Database is updated from PayPal or directly as per setting,
    If will remove period part from button, will everything work

  13. Aurimas Post author

    Unfortunaly there are only two possibilities. Or subscription with automatic recurrent payment or instant payment but user will be able to read purchased content for ever. I am not sure if I should introduce the option you need as this is quite specific.


    Thanks; No problem I will try some work arounds

    The caption in Blog Price and Post price is “Expire (period in days)”

    which means I can enter only numerical values and paypal will not take more than 30 days.

    How should I enter 1 Year than,

  15. Aurimas Post author

    unfortunately it is impossible to set one year for now. try to experiment I succeded to add 75 days, but failed 95. Try different numbers maybe 275 will work or smth. I will ad a feature to have different time grains like year week in the future not only days.

  16. Amajindat


    I recently installed Are Paypal, and under the Paypal Data link, I get the following error:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘db277442926.wp_are_paypal_paypal_requests’ doesn’t exist]
    select * from wp_are_paypal_paypal_requests

    Can anyone help me with this please?

  17. François-Xavier Bodin

    [cross posted from WordPress.org support forum, please apologisze if any dupplicate]


    I intend to monetize some content with the help of the (amazing!) Are Paypal plugin that works fine for my needs. What fits well is the framework within witch, before beeing able to pay, the customer have to sign up to the blog. So that, he gets a permanent account.
    Besides, I’d like to grant my customers with the list of the posts they purchased, for future reference if they need to access them again. Kind a “My Library”.

    There is the point: I wrote yet the correct mySQL query that returns the right posts ID, but I definitely lack the skills required to create the PHP functions that I could call in my template. this function could populate the famous loop:

    I would greatly appreciate some help.
    Thanks in advance and, best regards.

    François-Xavier Bodin – Bordeaux – France

  18. François-Xavier Bodin

    Hi Aurimas.
    It’s nice you’re interested.
    I tried forward and arivend at something like that
    `function myLibrary($content) {
    global $wpdb;
    if ( is_page(‘mylibrary’) ) // granted it’s the page where you want it displayed
    $sql = ‘select post_id FROM wp_1_are_paypal_users WHERE user_id =”1″‘; // 1 for tests
    $listeModules = $wpdb->get_results($sql, OBJECT);
    if ($listeModules) :
    foreach ($listeModules as $post) :
    $content.= the_title();
    return $content;
    add_filter (‘the_content’, ‘pageMaBibliotheque’);`

    It addresses the right page, dont generate error, but it fails returning the 2 post title I’m waiting for; instead, it returns twice the title of the display page.

    When I was saying I’m not skilled in php 🙁

    Where am I wrong?

  19. Aurimas Post author

    I would use something else instead of

    $content.= the_title();

    As this select returns something what is not actually a post. Join this table to posts table and retrieve title like this $post->title (I am not sure if the column name title is title in posts table check this :))

    Let me know about the result …

  20. Charles Lemmon

    I noticed in my wordpress plugins admin section that there is a new version 1.5.9. Also, there is a link that says to update automatically. When I click the link a page pops up asking for hostname, username and password for an ftp site where the plugin resides. How do I fill out this information? Can I just download the plugin .zip file and replace the directory in wp-content/plugins ?

  21. Aurimas Post author

    Automatic update function is a native wordpress function, not are-paypal plugins:) You can find more info about it on WP documentation site. Of course you can just download latest zip. Deactivate the plugin – replace tha scripts and activate it again … But using automatic update feature this would be easier – just check WP documentation 🙂

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