Are-PayPal Version 1.5.6 Released

Added a functionality to support a dedicated – special your blog page containing users purchased posts. This feature was requested by one of the plugin users and I think it is very useful.

In the main configuration page you can find a dropdown containing blogs pages. You can use this dropdown to point to a page you want to add a list to.

After setting the page users purchased post list will be appended to the text of the page:)

Have fun 🙂

22 thoughts on “Are-PayPal Version 1.5.6 Released

  1. Boris


    your plugin is exactly what I’m looking for. I want people to subscribe to hidden content on my website. Can you please tell me for which PayPal Website Payment solution I need to subscribe. Website Payments Pro or is Website Payments Standard sufficient (see I think it’s Pro but I’m not sure. If Standard is suficcient fine, then I don’t have to pay a monthly fee for Pro.

    Thanks in advance. Have a nice day

  2. Donald

    When trying to activate your plugin on WordPress 2.7, I encountered the following error:

    Parse error: parse error in \wp-content\plugins\are-paypal\are-paypal.php on line 1006

    I was curious if you have ever encountered this before, or what I may be doing wrong.

  3. Aurimas Post author

    Check if the version is 1.5.9.
    row 1006 is the last row of the file. it means parenthesis is ruined somethere.
    try to use on a test blog without any other plugins installed.
    let me know about your experiment results

  4. Aline Ohannessian

    Positive energies this finds YOU LOVing life!
    LOVE the plug in, thank YOU sooooo very much for providing!! I am looking forward to recommending to ALL :O)

    I am planning a “Celebration Week” Launch for my product.
    The plan is to offer the product at daily incremental prices for the first week: starting at 99% off the regular price on day one, then 75% off day two…..leading up to the final regular price where it shall then remain.
    Based upon what I have read, I am worried that changing the price, will cause those who have paid at the “Celebration Week” prices to be prompted to PAY AGAIN….which of course, I do NOT want.
    Can this be avoided by simply NOT including an expiration date?

    One more quick question…..
    We shall be having some “public” and some “paid” posts on site…..
    However……it is a ONE time PAYMENT for ALL paid posts……in other words, regardless of which post they choose to pay for {as the paypal prompt is available through all ‘paid posts’}……we want ALL paid posts to BE available to them, once they have paid for any.
    Can you please just review the process by which we are able to accomplish this?

    Thank YOU soooo very much, again, I am really looking forward to putting this application to use, letting YOU KNOW how fantabulous it is and of course spreading the word to ALL I KNOW :O)

    Blessed Light,

  5. Aurimas Post author

    You will have to decrease price everyday by hand everyday for every post and for whole blog.
    Changing the price will not ask the users to pay again as I knew – but check this on your test blog. If prise change will result in a paypal button for users who actually paid let me know. Users must not get paypal button in any case expiration date is set or not set as they are recorded into paid users table togather with actual expiration date and are free to read thei purchased content until this recorded expiration date expires:)

    You can have public content and paid content on one blog this is one of key benefits of this plugin. You have to identify hidden content using metatags. Check how to use section in admin.

    In order to let your users read all the paid content of the blog by purchasing any of the posts use blog price section in admin. This section specifies the price for all current and future hidden content on the site

  6. Steve

    Hi – does this work with paypal Pro?

    What I’m looking for is something that provides a payment page where the user can enter in their credit card details (or provide paypal info) and if paying by credit card they do not leave the site and are updated to an active user.

    I use Paypal pro, currently using WPB Paypal on an older WP install and I want to upgrade to 2.7.1 with a new paypal plugin.


  7. Aurimas Post author

    I am not sure 100 % if it works with paypal pro. You can try. Just start a new blog and try. It would be good if somebody coud do an investigation. Let me know if you will succeed…

  8. Christophor Rick

    Hello I’m receiving the following error:

    The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.

    Can someone give me a hint what to look at? I tried testing on the Sandbox first and couldn’t get it to log me in even.

  9. ZeD

    Hi to all!, thanks for this plugin, GREAT JOB!!, can u say me….

    – I like to get multiprice on the same post.

    example: One post to, $2 for 1 day or $3 for 5 days.


  10. ZeD

    i changed from line 219 to 240 😉 , only i added foreach for items var, and concat postButton var.

  11. Andy

    I need to change from easypaypal to ARE_Paypal, however changing the tags on all the pages would be a nightmare. Easypaypal tags are [pay] [/pay], could you tell me where I could change the [Are_PayPal_LoginPlease]’ and ‘[/Are_PayPal_LoginPlease] tags in this plugin


  12. Aurimas Post author

    It will probably not work if you will only change tag name as easy paypal contains attributes inside tag an are-paypal don’t … Try to use some mysql script or php+mysql migration script to solve your problem.

  13. Andy

    Ok, will do, I am also getting this error message:

    The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.

    Any hints on this one?

  14. Eckline


    I have your plugin installed, i have the sandbox mode on, i have a page set to 0 to never expire, when i pay with a test account, it takes me back to the page, and it is still locked, is this just in sandbox mode? or is something wrong

  15. Aurimas Post author

    something is wrong. Do you have your sandbox paypal ipn notification configured and pointing to your blogs ipn script are-paypal-ipn.php check this …

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