Are PayPal version 1.9.1 released

More control over Bonus Posts.

Checkbox for manual control over Bonus posts was added to the Main Configuration page.

In case checkbox is unchecked the plugin will automatically set post A as bonus post for post B while manually setting post B as bonus post for post A.

In case checkbox is unchecked you will have to set both ends manually.

7 thoughts on “Are PayPal version 1.9.1 released

  1. cristian

    hi the “upadate option” button in the configuration pages not work, it is a very good plugin but sin for this problem, i test it on a lot of versions of wordpress but the problem remains
    i wait a new version!

  2. Marcin

    Getting better, seems after update from 1.5 most of my problems are solved… Definitely I was waiting too long. Thanks again!
    Also thank you for your support, we even spoke personally 2 years ago, I recommend this plugin – simply and just works.

  3. Christer


    I do not know what I’m doing wrong, I can not save what I have typed tex my paypal account under the heading “Are_PayPal Configuration” and press “Update options >>”
    I have WP 3.3.1 I have also tried turning off all plugins so that no conflict with your plugin, but it does not work anyway


  4. Werold

    Hello and help us please! Ive a problem with your plugin that lot of people have but no decision have already had been found. The plugin works great but hidden content remains hidden even after payment. At the same time in PaypalData everything is okey, I can see all transfers. Please save our solves!

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