Are PayPal version 1.9.0 released

Smarty cache folder is now configurable via administration section. Default folder “cache” in the plugin’s home folder is not safe enough. Use path which is outside of your documents root or public_html.

This improvement will help with automatic plugin upgrades in the future. After folder is not in the plugins folder anymore there is no need to set write rights everytime plugin is upgraded.

It is also improving plugins security as some user were setting chmod 777 rights on this publically accessible folder, which is a serious security violation.

10 thoughts on “Are PayPal version 1.9.0 released

  1. Gaby


    What is the workflow for \pay to register\ ?

    1. User click on \Pay Now\, it’s redirect to paypal
    2. They pay and it’s redirect to register wp page ?

    The register page will be visible just one time or always for the users who have pay ? (I test on my computer, not with web adress, I’ve clik off for \user can register\)

    And .. I don’t undestand how to use the boutton template. For example, for the \Login Button Template\, I must change \%EXPLANATION%\ and \%LOGINURLTEXT%\ by something ?

    Many thanks for your response,
    And sorry for my probably bad english !

  2. Aurimas Post author

    Pay to register works lik this if I remember well:

    *User clicks pay to register button and is redirected to paypal.
    *He logs in paypal and pays.
    *Paypal sends IPN to the blogs are paypal IPN handler (check if thsi is configured fine)
    *IPN handler creates a new user with user name == users who paid email (grabs that email from paypals IPN message)
    *After user is created wordpress must email random password to that user.

    In login template you can change those placeholders directly in the template or you can change values in corresponding textareas in configuration section. As far as I remember the ones you have mentioned are there and configurable separately. And those placeholders will be replaced with the values from there. And ofcourse you can edit template directly and you will have even more freedom just be carefull and leave operational placeholders.

  3. Aurimas Post author

    I think there is a way to check sandbox mail at least I remember I could do that in developer center of paypal somewhere.

    I cannot change anything in the plugins functionality. You have to use a lot of text and descriptions and howtos to inform your users who are going to register to describe the process so they know what to expect before registering.

    > Ok, I’ve just test the workflow you say in this mail with my sandbox and effectively I forgetted to configured the IPN.
    > With sandbox the workflow stop in step 4 because we can’t consult sandbox mail. Do you know a solution to test the end of the process ? If no, no matter, I will continue with my real paypal account.
    > Because I’ve already done my process register -> custom mail -> activate account, I would like be visible register page after paiement, and not accessible the rest of time .. if you know a solution ?
    >Even if, my solution is to custom the ipn php file with a custom message perhaps ?

  4. Steve

    Plugin looks exactly what i need.

    However i have a bit of a problem in testing.

    I set up some paid posts, three at $5 and one at $20.

    I then used the bonus setting to allow anyone who buys the $20 post access to the other ones, so far so good.
    The $20 post now says:
    Purchasing current content you will also get access for posts below:
    And lists the 3 $5 posts, as i intended.

    However each of the $5 posts also say:
    Purchasing current content you will also get access for posts below
    And list the $20 post?

    Now i dont want anyone paying $5 and getting the £20 post, so how do i change that?

    Im more than happy to send you some cash (paypal) if you can help me to sort this out.

    Thanks alot.

  5. khalid

    hi thanks for this plugin i realy like it but the problem is after i installed the plugin and activated in i cannot see the plugin setting anywere its not in wordpress admin dashboard i looked every were in there but i cant see it but in the plugin page it says acctivated please help?

  6. Steve

    Hey Aurimas thanks for getting back to me.

    When do you think you might get around to looking at my issue? Im sure its one others have had as well.
    I realize this is a side project for yourself, but i would be happy to offer a contribution to get this working the way i want. Im sure you could offer this plugin commercially with a few tweaks.

    I could probably get you quite a few purchasers as well if you are interested.


  7. khalid

    hi Aurimas
    no there is nothing i cant see any section for are paypal i am using the latest wordpress 3.1 i dont know cant find any section for paypal i have checked 100 time bro.

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