Are PayPal v1.0 WordPress Plugin Released

Just created a plugin to monetize wordpress owners knowledge. This plugin can hide parts of your post and ask for paypal payment to view the hidden content. All the process is fully automated and configurable. PayPal sandbox can be used to test the functionality.

Use … Test … Extend … Give me some feed back …

21 thoughts on “Are PayPal v1.0 WordPress Plugin Released

  1. rwallin

    I really find this plug-in very intriguing and think you are onto something here. Having some initial problems.

    What are the tags to use to display the Purchase information (paypal button, price for the information, etc)

    again, I think this is a seriously excellent idea you have working here.

  2. Aurimas Post author

    This is a really initiel version. I think I’ll need some more iterations to make this plugin “easy eatable”.

    To hide the content you have to surround it with tags for example
    [Are_PayPal_LoginPlease] Some hidden content [/Are_PayPal_LoginPlease].

    To tax hidden content you have to enter a price for it in post administration section under “Are PayPal” section in your administration panel. It is not possible to show the user a price for content, only paypal button is visible for now. It is a good idea for a new version. For now user can find the price by clicking on paypal button. It is also possible to leave the price equal to 0. In this case user will have to enter any amount he is able to donate. In such case you will have to activate content for him by hand as its is impossible to check if the Instant Payment Notification is correct.

  3. rwallin

    I’ll be more than happy to test for you and give you feedback. I’ll start to go through your initial code and see if there is anything I can add to help you along.

  4. rwallin


    Here are some things that I am seeing.

    1. I add a post and use the tags [Are_PayPal_LoginPlease] HIDDEN CONTENT[/Are_PayPal_LoginPlease]

    2. Add a pricing information for that post.

    3. Logout as Admin and go back to the site

    at this point it Does hide the content but when I login as a testuser it shows me the hidden content and not the paypal button even though that user has not purchased.

    I did notice that in the pricing administration any registered user is being shown. I was assuming that this was so you can manually select members that purchased which it did when i selected them.

    Also noticed that any role above subscriber gives the user the ability to modify Are PayPal settings.

    Also getting this error message when adjusting the pricing
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wp-content/plugins/are-paypal/are_paypal.php on line 231

  5. Aurimas Post author

    I’ve found the problem why paypal button is not displayed … the_content filter fails to identify the post being viewed and fails to associate posty and pricing information … I an upcomeing week I’ll release hotfix version of the plugin… Thank you for help …

  6. RavanH

    Just wondering: does this also work on a PER POST basis or does it only make users pay ONCE and then show ALL hidden content of all posts/pages? If so, has anyone tested this on WordPress_MU (= Multi User version) ?

  7. Aurimas Post author

    It is a payment per post only. It uses post_ID and user_ID to identify if the content is purchased by a user. In the future I am going to implement packaging feature it will be possible to create packages so the user who purchases some content could be granted with some additional content as a bonus 🙂

  8. mikey

    I just tried to test the module and got this error from Paypal “This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USD. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency.”

    Could you tell me what is wrong?

  9. Aurimas Post author

    As I understand, this can happen if you have paypal account with some other currency not USD. You have to setup your paypal account. This error is not about are paypal plugin but about paypal account settings. Refer to paypal help or support to fix this. I have no quick answer for now …

  10. davcarst

    When will you packaging feature be released? I love your plug in, but I run a subscriber-based website where once you sign up, you are given full access to all the content.

  11. Aurimas Post author

    to davcarst: As you are the first one user who needs packaging feature, I’ll try to implement it as soon as possible… And you’ll be able to test it and give me some feedback 🙂

  12. vavroom


    I think your plugin does almost what I need it, and the “packaging” might make it exactly what I need 🙂

    I want people to buy a “subscription” to the site. So if they want to see the content of the posts, they need to have paid. This would not be on a “per post” basis, but for all posts currently having pay-for content. They should also be able to pay once, and have access to the content for a given amount of time (1 month or 1 year, for instance, allowing price reduction).

    Look forward to hear when packaging is going to be available 🙂


    Hi there,

    I’m also very interested in using your plugin for a section on my site for paid subscribers. Ideally, I would want the users to sign up with with my site and be granted access for a month – hopefully, their paypal subscription would auto-renew every month and they would automatically be given access for a month.

    I’ve installed it in a test version of my site I’m creating and am really hoping this is the solution to my needs. Thank you for creating such a great product!

    – Jay

  14. awarner20

    Another interested user here. I am eagerly awaiting an update for this plugin for WP 2.5 and the choice of one-time or subscription payments.

  15. dropnby

    Are you or can you update this so it works in a shopping cart setting? Unless I’m mistakin, you can only purchase blog content one at a time.

    Is it possible to allow users to purchase multiple blog posts and add them into a shopping cart. Then once they’ve paid for the contents in their shopping cart, all the paid content for each blog is revealed?

    How can I contact you?

    Let me know.


  16. Aurimas Post author

    Update is about to come. Current version which is available to download is fully functioning but not very user friendly way.

    dropnby> shopping cart is not supported but it is a good idea for the future maybe …

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