17 thoughts on “Are PayPal 1.4.3 released

  1. emile

    hello are,
    sorry for my english, but i have a question

    how to use the Number in post price configuration and blog price configuration

    what is the utility of this ?


  2. Aurimas Post author

    Number … Number is one of the fields in PayPal button html form and it travels around. Actually it stays for product number in paypal based e-shops … I’ve added it only because it was possible to add it Are PayPal plugin do not need it to function. It is only plain information field. You can use what ever there it is only for your reference – to make it easier to identify transactions in paypal transaction list and inside your blog administration. Check PayPal IPN documentation for exact purpose of this field in case you want to use it togather with some other external PayPal tools or what ever.

  3. Chuck

    Hello, I just uploaded the version 1.4.4.

    I did a test payment with my own account to see how it works but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    Is this plugin integrated with the registration to the site as I had to do to leave comments? Is that the login and password they’ll have to use to get access?

  4. Aurimas Post author

    This plugin works like this. User must be registered on the blog to be able to Pay for content. After user is connected and payment is performed and IPN notification packege successfully rEaches your blogs are-paypal_ipn.php script he is exposed with content. In order to view payed content next time user must to log in only. By the way google agent can see the content but it is set not to cache the whole site of yours.

  5. ledom

    Hi and thanks for this plugin!

    Something I don’t understand, does this plugin need I validate manualy each user that make a payment? IPN is active but on my sandbox acount.

  6. Aurimas Post author

    ledom> I validate manualy each user that make a payment … This sentence is not clear for me. This plugin replaces text with login link. After user is logged in it replaces text with paypal button. After user pays paypal pings are-paypal-ipn.php script and provides post id + user id. after this are=paypla-ipn.php enables the content for the user.

  7. ledom

    Ok thanks, you understand my question. It seems I have a problem with the ping, because after I pay (as sandbox user) nothing happens…I’ll verify parameters.

  8. ledom

    Finaly it works fine! Thanks. I made a mistake (activate IPN for per and not biz….). This plugin is really an excellent idéa! Thank you. If I sell something with it i’ll make a donation 😉 Best regards

  9. ledom

    Euhhhh, just another question Aurimas… 🙂 I want my users pay to view a flash file (swf), is there any solution with you plugin? Because I don’t want they can see or download the file without to pay, if they can extract the swf url from the html source? thanks for your help.

  10. Aurimas Post author

    ledom> The only thing you can do with this plugin is to have swf files hidden somewhere in your site tree and to add swf into a hidden area of your post. after user pays he can see the url and swf movie . The only disatvantage he will be able to share it with his friends who are not registered as payed users.
    I am thinking about extending my plugin to be able to protect any type of wordpress posts. Unfortunatelly for now it can only protect text information.

  11. ledom

    Ok. I found a great plugin that may interest you if you want to extend your plugin. It’s drain hole: http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/drain-hole/. This excellent plugin give a mirror URL to a file. Access to files can be define from user status. May be it is possible to add paypal check. What do you think about that?

  12. Aurimas Post author

    bobber > I am considering implementing native paypal recurent payment. For now you can use plugins field expiration where you can set number of days till purchase expires. After it expires user is asked to pay again.

  13. patrick

    Hello, I have your plugin, first, congratulations, is too good. Second, i have a question. I want that when a username is new, only enter his name and e-mail. I was trying to modify the plugin but i dont see how.

  14. Aurimas Post author

    patrick> Are you talking about new user registration form? If so we cannot change it as this is standart new user registration form provided by wp. New user will appear as reader user in your wp blog…

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