8 thoughts on “Are PayPal 1.2.4 released

  1. whatinspiresu

    I have 1.2.3… A little confused. Does the plugin write the actual paypal button? Does it also give you a “Register” or “Subscribe” Link???

    I’m looking to build a membership site, monthly recurring fee, that opens an area of the blog for paying members (revealing hidden text will work just as well).

    Is this plugin what I’m looking for? I have no problem helping with user docs or instructional video once I understand how it works.


  2. amygould

    Is it possible to use this plugin to bill members for recurring one month subscriptions instead of by the article?

  3. amygould

    It says to hide the text I need to insert a pseudo tag around the text to hide. How do I do that? When I surrounded the text with this, it appeared in the text and wasn’t hidden. [/ArePayPalLoginPlease][/ArePayPalLoginPlease]

  4. money

    Is there more info about this plugin? I must be missing something. I followed your instructions but I see no PayPal Button!

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