Are PayPal 1.7.7 version was released

Some users have reported MySQL error caused by Are PayPal plugin. After some investigations I’ve found that it was caused by a SQL syntax which is not supported by early versions of MySQL. Are Paypal version 1.7.7 contains some changes to workaround those SQL syntax problems.

7 thoughts on “Are PayPal 1.7.7 version was released

  1. Lowell Herr

    When I tried to install Are PayPal, I received a “fatal error” message. Do you plan to update this plugin for later WordPress versions?


  2. Aurimas Post author

    up to my knowledge it is compatible with latest wordpress versions. It can be I forgot to update headers of the plugin to state that. Please try to install empty wordpress blog with only are paypal plugin on it. In many cases it was some other plugin interfering and giving errors. If there will be no progress let me know I’ll contact you by email and I’ll take a look at your blog. I like to troubleshoot wordpress plugin errors. ­čÖé

  3. Aurimas Post author

    Check generated html for buttons maybe you will notice something unusual. Try to reset button templates if so. Try to identify if this is not due to your paypal account configuration.

  4. Gabriel

    Now, I changed under \Instant Payment Button Template\ the currency code into \Eur\. That made that paypal accepts to pay – but in USD. What does relate to that mean \a3\ under ITEMCURRENCY?

  5. Aurimas Post author

    try to click the button “restore defaults” or similar (I do not recall the label of the button) under templates. It should be ok.

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