8 thoughts on “1.7.6 Was released

  1. ebud

    I am seeing an issue with the blog subscription side … the one off’s works nicely.

    Paypal is sending an subscr_eot at time of sign up when you set the subscription to not recur and this is causing the subscription to end at sign up.


    Sounds like something has changed with the paypal workflow?

  2. ebud

    NP… If you are using the BLOG price feature and setup a 7 day subscription, but want the subscription to not automatically recur you need to make a small adjustment to the subscription button code… change to .

    The hope is the user get access for 7days and then the subscription just expires and the user would need to sign up again if they want.

    What happens is on sign up and payment with PayPal, PayPal send 3 IPN….subscr_signup, subscr_payment and subscr_eot. The EOT ( end of term) causes the subscription to expire on the same day they signed up, rather then after 7days.

  3. Aurimas Post author

    Not enough adjustments is done on a subscribe button. Try to use exactly the same template as for buy now button so that paypal will treat the button as buy now.

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