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  1. Mandip

    1. Just upgraded and tried it, and can no longer recieve any payments.

    As a buyer, I register, login and click on the paypal button to pay. Once I have paid, I go back to the site – I still see the paypal button.

    In my buyer paypal account I just see unclaimed payments.

    2. Also how can I get this to work for an annual renewal subscription. Using 365 days does not seem to work?


  2. Aurimas Post author

    Are you trying with paypal sandbox.

    365 day subscription is impossible due to my fault. subscription is only in days and paypal limits it to an amount of days I do not remember.

    I have this fix on my list.

  3. Mandip

    Hi Aurimas,

    Thanks for the response to No 2. Will be interested to try out when fixed.

    Any ideas on No 1.?

  4. funckYtown

    I couldn´t install it yet I have this message:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘expire) > CURDATE() OR expire is null OR expire = 0)’ at line 1]
    SELECT users.* FROM . wp_are_paypal_users users WHERE (users.post_id=’-1′) AND users.user_id=’1′ AND (ADDDATE(purchase_date, expire) > CURDATE() OR expire is null OR expire = 0)

    It looks like it didn t create the tables,
    only 3 tables were created
    thanks in advance

  5. Aurimas Post author

    It used to happen for some people before. I do not remember how it was resolved. It can be the problem is uppercase lowercase database table names and incompatibility between those or something like that. Check your database rty on the other database … Let me know about the progress.

  6. qbap

    hi, is there a option to give for one payment access to all hidden content on webpage ? users pays for example 30 USD for access to all hidden material for one month or he can buy single article for 1 USD.

  7. Aurimas Post author

    There is a possibility to grant users to all the content using “Blog Price” fnctionality.
    There is a possibility to group several posts with hidden content into groups using “Bonus posts” functionality.
    And of course there is a possibility to let user to buy only one post with hidden content at a time.

  8. Spitt

    You should be able to change it to allow days, weeks, months. My old subscription manager for PayPal, allowed this – tho it was for phpbb.

    Feature request in the admin panel: Ability to add subscriptions based on the paypal subscription transaction ID. This way I can add some subscribers who subscribed to my old subscription system.

  9. funckYtown


    the problem I had is that
    we need PHP 5 and MySQL 5

    one solution is a
    .htaccess at root with
    AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php
    AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php
    and also to use the MySQL5 access from the provider

    now I will be able to start, to test and come back..

  10. joanie

    I tried this cart, easy enough to use, but when i checked out and went to paypal, the sales tax was not added for a CAlifornia sale. And my paypal profile is set up with tax for CA shipments.

    Does this cart talk to the paypal profile and pull taxes? I even called paypal and they said it didn’t look like there is the code in there to connect to profile.

    Please enlighten me….does this cart do sales tax? Otherwise I can’t use it.

    Thanks for your help!!!


  11. Aurimas Post author

    I am not sure what you are talking about. This thing will only generate a paypal button with a price instead of a hiddent content. After user pays and paypal processes his logic attached to whatever payment it sends back an paypal ipn responce with the satus of the payment and some custom information are-paypal uses to determine which hidden content was purchased.
    My ipn message handler check if amount in ipn message is equal to amount next to hidden content. So this is the only place to check if button amount is equal to the amount user pays. I am not sure but it can be that ipn message contains button amount+tax and it will never be equal to button amount and content will not be exposed to the payer.

  12. Mandip

    Hi Joanie,

    I think you will need to add the sales tax to the price you set up in the ARE paypal admin pages and say so on your site or product page. I am not sure whether you can set this up in paypal itself.

    This plugin is good for charging to view the whole blog (i.e membership type sites) or for individual/groups of posts. This is not really a shopping cart plugin.

    The plugin will only charge one price for the whole blog, or you can set different prices for different posts of groups of posts, if charging you are charging for posts.

    Presumably you are based in california, and your site is hosted in california for you to charge california sales tax? My very basic understanding is that that charging tax depends on where the transaction is carried out – the transaction is carried out on your site – therefore where is your site being hosted?


  13. Spitt

    For CA Sales Tax, it’s if the physical store is in CA and shipped to a CA address, then they have to collect sales tax.

    If the person is only paying for access to your blog, you don’t need to collect sales tax, as it is a service, not an actual product you are giving them.

    For an actual store, why don’t you check out the oscommerce plugin instead.

  14. Spitt

    I am getting massive IPN errors, on this plugin, and the last person who paid for a post price, had to be added manually. If you want me to forward you the email error’s from PayPal’s IPN, please send me an email to gmail.com at spitt1 and I will forward you some of them, sans personal info.

  15. antone

    The payments are going thru but it’s not automatically granting access to what was purchased. I can manually do it but is there a reason its not auto anymore?

  16. antone

    I found the issue the receiver email from paypal was different from one I setup in the plugin. Thanks for the great plugin.

  17. Spitt

    I figured out what many of the IPN errors were, just had to turn off all the darned email notifications. However, after I upgraded to your beta version… I can no longer receive payments. I tried reverting to the older version, still having issues. I get this error “The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.”

    I made a test page, with a 1 cent price to enter – http://rpg-exploiters.com/test-only/ I will ofc refund even the 1 cent. But you can see the problem.

    Also noticed the return url – http://rpg-exploiters.com/wp-content/plugins/are-paypal/are-paypal-ipn.php doesnt work.

    I verified emails are correct.

    also got a new email… “INVALID
    whatever that means.

  18. funckYtown

    good morning,
    Happy New Year

    I use are-paypal in Europe,
    U know, the other side of the ocean….
    here we use , instead of .
    ex 1,37€
    or 1.37$

    I am still using the sandbox,
    i still do not know what the purpose is of
    URLTEXT in are-paypal configuration



  19. Spitt

    For the record, we fixed my error. Was due to an incompatible plugin (http://arepaypal.ehibou.com/incompatible-plugins/).

    You can set your currency within the plugin. Just select EUR as your currency code. Set it under Blog Price.

    As for the “URL Text” … I dont know what it’s for either… but the plugin works.

    @everyone else
    I know it doesn’t show this anywhere, but the number when working on blog price or post price is item number. Each of these should be different, and will be used for tracking. It is not important to have a high number, as the number is not about how many are in stock. If you have the number as 0002, and 2 sell, the number will not change to 0000. It will still be 0002 as it’s the item number for the item sold.

  20. Aurimas Post author

    URLTEXT is just a template visualisation

    this is the “Login Button Template” visualised 🙂 Of course it would be better to show proper text in this place…

  21. Aurimas Post author

    I am from europe also 🙂

    in order of . or , this is sensitive and depends on the paypal. just dont worry use something what is accepted paypal. Just try on sandbox and move on production.

  22. Nadim

    Hi there.. a little help here

    I have used this plugin on one of my site to sell blog posts … the problem currently being faced is the user is not added automatically to the post after a successful purchase though the user is redirected back to the website… it shows unclaimed payment in paypal and even after payup it still shows buy now button… any help on this in the right directly is appreciated


  23. Aurimas Post author

    Check your ipn settings on paypal site.
    Check incoming paypal messages in paypal data/payment page on your blog. You should find incoming payment.

  24. Nadim

    Is this anything to do with the hosting? windows based, linux based? I m trying since many days but im not able to go through… pls help

  25. Aurimas Post author

    Nadim> it can be paypal configuration. You have to configure your paypal account to send IPN notifications to your blogs ipn handler. Check how to use section for exact url to your ipn handler. Search for ipn configuration of your paypal in my account-> profile-> instant payment notification reference.

  26. Nadim

    I got all data collected from the IPN now … only thing which is not collected is the Login and Post Title back from IPN… maybe this is the issue which is not allowing the user to be automatically added to the post?

  27. Spitt

    I actually had a similar experience last night – tho am using the beta version. This is the first time I have had a problem like this, so seems to be some kind of hiccup.

    I checked the PayPal site in IPN settings and then History. The specific transaction says Status – Retrying. So either the blog is not recognizing it, or PayPal is having trouble contacting the host. I have GoDaddy, and the uptime is incredible however.

    What bothered me, was that I was unable to add manually to that post. Similarly It bothers me when you add manually to the blog, you can’t post an expiration time.

  28. funckytown

    Good morning,
    I was going to go in prod with my blog, and now, since I updated to the new version,
    New users may not create an account?
    Aurimas?, do you have an idea?

    did I say merry Xmas?
    well, then Happy New Year

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